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5 Key Things You Should Look For When Hiring a Custom Closet Company

September 15, 2015

If your home is overly cluttered, adding some extra storage could be all you need to tidy up the space. A new custom closet certainly fits the bill, and a closet designer is the perfect person to deliver it. However, before you hire someone to produce a custom closet design, make sure they meet these five qualifications.

Licensed and Registered

Georgia has a statewide licensing board responsible for doling out licenses for residential and general contractors. Essentially, if a business has a license and is registered to perform home improve projects in the state, you have found a reputable company.

This is important because unlicensed businesses can attempt to pass themselves off as legitimate, only to overcharge and under deliver. You can also check the company’s record with Georgia’s consumer protection agency.

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While the chance of something going wrong with a licensed company is slim, you still want added assurance for peace of mind. Any company that performs construction on your property should have two types of insurance:

  • Liability insurance makes sure you’re not held responsible if your property is damaged during the project. The insurance recoups you for the value of any lost or damaged property.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance removes responsibility from your shoulders if someone is injured during the job. The insurance pays any medical bills and wage compensation associated with the injury.

Offer a Free Consultation

Choosing a closet designer is a very important consideration, but it shouldn’t cost you anything upfront. To ensure this, only consider working with companies that offer a free consultation. This should include a visit to your property and an estimate of what the job will cost. You can gather estimates from multiple free consultations to help you make your final decision of which company to work with.


48Another part of the consultation should include an estimate of how long the project will take, including actual working hours along with start and completion dates. You should also discuss a flexible timeline for your payment schedule so you can make a closet upgrade without breaking the bank. Lack of a reasonable timetable could leave you waiting for weeks for the closet upgrade to take place.

Offer a Guarantee

Even shoddy work can look beautiful for the first month or two. Then shelves start warping, cabinet doors come off their hinges and doors delaminate. This kind of work is a waste of your money and not acceptable! That’s why you should go into a custom closet design project with peace of mind, knowing the products and workmanship are guaranteed.

SpaceMakers meets every requirement on this list, and we’re ready to begin your custom closet project when you are! To start the process, please request a free quote.