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The Wrinkled Shirt in Your Closet has Something to Say

February 15, 2019

By: Dilia Miranda

Did you know that it is dark and cramped in the corner where you keep me? I understand that I don’t look my best now-a-days but look at the living conditions you have made for me. I’m living in such tight quarters that I don’t have enough room to keep up appearances. Yes, I have wrinkles, but you really have yourself to blame. You don’t have time to smooth things over every time you think of getting together with me. Can you imagine how I would look if you just took the time to give me the closet system I need to be my best self?

Remember the good ole days when things were new with us? The compliments were endless, people could not get enough of how well we looked together. I was front and center in those days, but as time went on, I slid further and further down the rack.
If we made just a few adjustments, we could start fresh. It would almost be like I’m brand new. You’ve talked about having a better closet design made before and now all you have to do is take that step. You should show some extra attention to your closet in this month of love.

Can you imagine how I would look displayed in a brand-new custom closet? Oh, I can just see it now; all the glorious closet space. If you would have someone create a space just for me, I would be a more visible and appealing option for you.

Now, don’t put it off any longer. Go to the SpaceMakers Closets website at and set up a consultation now. The sooner you do, the sooner you and I can spend a night out on the town just like in the old days.

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