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3 Garage Storage Systems to Reclaim Your Space

December 2, 2015

Organized Garage Storage System with Car In ItIf you cringe every time you walk into your garage, you know that you could do so much better. It is actually not difficult to get garage storage systems that work for your possessions and the way you intend to use the garage. Consider garage shelving, garage cabinets, wall systems and overhead garage storage to turn your entire garage into the organization paradise you deserve.

1. Get Your Garage Floor Space Back

The worst experience in the home is when you try to find something in your garage and the piles and stacks stretch as far as the eye can see. That is no way to keep a reasonable life, although far too many Americans suffer from the same issue. The good news is that you can solve this problem pretty quickly if you have a plan. Very few items in your garage need to be on the floor. Even tools and equipment can find a place on the walls or even on the ceiling. Add:

  • Garage shelving for items you need regularly
  • Custom garage cabinets for all your gear
  • Racks and hooks on the wall for easy storage of oddly-size items

Before long, you will be shocked by how nice it is to have a clear garage floor for other activities.

2. Look Up for Overhead Storage

You don’t need to spend all your time thinking about how to organize your garage walls. The ceiling is also a great place to store certain items. Overhead garage storage is your solution to many storage problems. Custom garage storage systems make it easy for you to access overhead storage to grab bins or bags and put them away as needed. Designate the ceiling to store the items you do not need as frequently, such as seasonal outdoor gear, patio cushions and accessories and holiday decorations. Storing these items on your garage ceiling will also protect them from damage while you are not using them.

3. Make Use of the Garage Walls

Not every item is best placed in garage cabinets or shelving. This is where slatwall storage comes in handy. Slatwall is a panel garage storage system with slats at a specific interval. Once the panels have been placed on the wall, you can slide accessories like hooks or shelves into the slats. Slatwall is very sturdy and can hold ladders, bikes and other heavy items you would rather not store on the floor. With a wall system, you will have a spot for your tools, yard equipment and materials for your hobbies.

Garage organization is such a worthy endeavor. All you have to do is decide what you want to store in the garage and then hire a professional to design garage storage systems that maximize your garage space and make your life easier.

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