Murphy Wall Bed | Use a Murphy Wall Bed to Turn Any Room into an Impromptu Guest Room

Use a Murphy Wall Bed to Turn Any Room into an Impromptu Guest Room

August 2, 2015

When extended family comes to town, you want to do the right thing and offer them a place to stay at your house. However, acting as host can be stressful – especially if you don’t have a good place for your guests to sleep. You’ll be pleased to learn you can make the experience more pleasant for everyone without sending your family to a hotel, even if you don’t have a dedicated guest room. The solution: invest in a Murphy wall bed.Murphy Wall Bed

What is a Murphy Bed?

Also known as a wall bed or fold out bed, a Murphy bed is a creative solution for your house guest dilemma. It folds against the wall when not in use, freeing up floor space when you don’t have guests in town. This means you can easily place a Murphy bed in your home office, rec room or craft space and convert it into a guest room at a moment’s notice.

Benefits and Features of  Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are convenient and easy to use. Spring-loaded action means raising and lowering the bed is a one-person job. Straps keep the bedding in place so there’s no need to strip the bed every morning before folding the bed up against the wall.

Now you might be wondering, why not just buy a sofa sleeper? If you’ve ever had the chance to compare the comfort of a Murphy bed to a sofa sleeper, the decision is clear. Fold out beds accommodate full-size mattresses so they feel just like a regular bed. There are no lumps or squeaky springs like you find with sofa sleepers.

Murphy Bed Sizes and Styles

You can find Murphy beds in a number of sizes. Do you usually accommodate two people at once? If so, a queen or king size Murphy bed is a must. If you have limited fold-out floor space and usually only have one house guest at a time anyway, a twin Murphy bed is perfect. Both horizontal and vertical orientations are available.

If you have been thinking of redoing some of the furniture in the room anyway, you can pick desks, shelves and cabinets to match your new fold out bed. The packages available from Spacemakers bring the whole room together so the Murphy bed blends right in with the décor.

No matter what size or design you choose, your investment saves you from having to build an add-on or sacrifice your own bed when guests come into town. It’s a space-saving solution that will make you want to have house guests stay over all the time!

Spacemakers offers beautiful designs that let you easily convert any room into a guest room. Request a free quote today and see how affordable it is to convert a room into a multi-purpose space.

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