Garage Storage Systems | De-Clutter Your Garage and Park Your Car

De-Clutter Your Garage and Park Your Car in It!

August 28, 2015

Think back to when you first moved into your home. Everything was probably perfectly organized back then. Over the years, you garage storage systemshave amassed more clutter and neglected to keep up with your organization routine. Now your garage is so cluttered you can’t even park your car in it! If you’re tired of subjecting your car to the elements when you have a perfectly good garage to park in, it’s time to get serious about garage organization.

Your Cluttered Garage is a Hazard

Perhaps you feel motivated about cleaning out the garage until you step foot in the space. Then you feel overwhelmed and escape back into the house. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. However, just think about the dangers your cluttered garage is creating:

  • Junk on the floor is a tripping hazard.
  • You could run into or step on sharp objects and seriously hurt yourself.
  • Items on shelves can shift beneath you when you climb up to reach something on a high shelf.
  • Children can get into dangerous chemicals or hurt themselves on improperly stored tools.

You Waste Time with Every Search

How often do you think you know where something is stored in the garage only to search for 15 minutes without success? It’s amazing how the tools you thought you left on the bottom shelf tend to disappear. Reorganizing your garage takes some time and effort, but you’ll end up saving time in the long run, not to mention money, since you can avoid buying replacements for the items you lost.

Organization Clears the Floor

Custom cabinets and drawers are perfect for storing items behind closed doors. Hang backpacks, golf bags and winter coats in garage cabinets so they don’t take up space in your home, yet they remain protected from the elements.

Garage shelving is the perfect place to stack plastic bins, coolers, gardening supplies and more. Floor-to-ceiling shelves maximize space with lesser-used items going near the top.

Wall hooks get large items out of the way. You can hang everything from sporting equipment to lawn chairs to ladders or even your family’s bicycles on the wall. This solution is an effective way to clear up space to park your car in the garage.

If you find yourself running out of storage space, look to the ceiling for overhead storage. This is the perfect place to store items you only occasionally use, such as holiday decorations, driveway deicers and space tires. You need a ladder to reach these items, but by storing them overhead, you free up space on lower shelves for the things you use more often.

If you’re ready to pull the car into the garage once and for all, request a free quote from Spacemakers today. We install garage storage systems to meet your specific needs.

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