3 Signs You Should Invest in Golf Club Storage

October 21, 2015

344 With fall and winter fast approaching, your golf game is winding down for the season. Before you put your golf clubs in storage for the winter, take the time to properly store them using a garage cabinet. This way, your clubs will be protected from the weather and in great shape when spring arrives. If any of these scenarios ring a bell, it may be time to invest in proper golf club storage.

1. Your golf clubs, golf bag, golf clothing or other accessories have gotten dirty

This is bound to happen after a long season of golfing, when you have been using your gear very regularly and may not have had the time to clean everything after each game.

Yet, if you don’t take the time now to clean your clubs, shoes, and accessories, that dirt can discolor your equipment or cause performance issues that challenge your golf game.

Clean your clubs and gear until they are free of dirt, then dry items so they will not rust. Finally, store items in a tall custom garage cabinet where they’re protected from the elements.

2. Your sports equipment storage area has moisture problems

If your current storage area has any moisture problems, from occasional leaks to excess humidity, your clubs can experience real problems.

Regular exposure to moisture will cause your golf bag to develop mold and mildew. Not only is mold nearly impossible to get rid of once it invades, it can ruin otherwise fine golf clothes and accessories. Rust on golf clubs impacts their resale value, their performance, and their appearance.

Wall-mounted garage cabinets are the best bet for secure, temperature-controlled storage. These cabinets will protect the golf gear from unanticipated moisture, preserving your investment and your equipment’s value.

3. You’re unable to store your golf clubs upright

340Golf clubs should be stored upright and given enough space so that other objects do not fall on them. If you’ve been lying clubs down in an attic or basement, or (worse) keeping them in the trunk of your car, you could cause damage. A bent or dinged golf club will not perform reliably and can wreak havoc on your game.

Reclaim garage space so you have enough room to store the clubs upright in custom garage cabinets where they will be protected from damage. Tall, deep cabinets are perfect for this task and also accommodate other sports gear. You might have one cabinet for golf, one for skiing equipment, and so on.

Protect your expensive golf equipment by investing in storage that will safely and securely store your items while protecting them from the elements. A custom cabinet installer can suggest products best suited to store golf clubs. To learn more about custom garage storage solutions, contact us today!